Is Your Workforce Ready to Meet the Demands of the Petrochemical Resurgence?


By 2025, a petrochemical resurgence is expected to create millions of new manufacturing jobs across the globe. This creates workforce challenges for the petrochemical industry as it undergoes major structural changes due to new supplies of feedstocks, expanding geographic networks and merging demographic cultures.

Downstream organizations must build organizational strength with a focus on workforce development and talent management to assure a sufficient supply of qualified recruits to meet the growing requirements and a commitment to building management and technical capabilities by combining conceptual training with on-the-job learning.

For over 50 years, PetroSkills has been focused on consistent, high quality learning and development for the oil and gas industry. We’ve grown to a global company with a full spectrum of comprehensive learning solutions, industry-validated competency frameworks, and workforce development expertise.

As your trusted advisor, PetroSkills can develop a complete workforce competency solution that integrates the many resources of PetroSkills, including:

Competency Maps - Industry-approved frameworks customized for technical job roles within the areas of refining and petrochemicals.

Compliance Management – Automates enterprise-specific and compliance mandates by identifying compliance gaps and assigning remedial training.

Instructor-led Training - Industry-focused courses delivered for your downstream personnel.

E-Learning Modules - Access to learning anytime/anywhere that provides immediate feedback, engaging graphics, and site-specific procedures and terminology.

Competency and Assurance - Software designed to identify, assess, and capture
workforce competencies.

PetroCore Reference Library - Online just-in-time performance support for oil and gas professionals. Whether you’re a new hire or late career technical professional, PetroCore provides you with 24/7 access to our industry-validated technical library anytime, anywhere.

Alliance Membership – Share and provide direct insight into the current and changing challenges facing competency and workforce development. The Alliance works together to develop, maintain, and quality assure the competency frameworks and training programs delivered by PetroSkills.



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Petrochemical manufacturer standardizes and accelerates workforce competency.



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Gas and steam turbines

Gears, couplings, bearings

Electrical heat trading

Pressure measurement

Temperature measurement

Flow gauging (Rotameter)


Electrical motors

VFD/VSD sub-process

Cathodic protection systems

Field awareness

Machine alignment

Uninterruptible power supply

Power cables

Cable duct banks and trays

Power and distribution transformer

Circuit breakers


Capacitor bank

Protective relays

Lightning arrester


Electrical documentation

Hazardous area and protection classifications

Measurement and calibration

Analyzer sampling and conditioning system

Simple control system

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